Scrap Metal Permit

Do you need a permit to scrap metalA scrap metal permit is not required in every city and state. However a scrap metal permit may soon be a requirement for all scrappers if metal thieves continue at their pace.

Many states and cities around the country are considering passing laws in an attempt to stop thieves from stealing and selling scrap metal. Many legitimate scrappers that I know have addressed me with their concerns because these laws if passed will affect them and their business.

It is always sad when you do the right thing and are forced to pay for someone else’s wrong doing but there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

In states that require a scrap metal permit like South Carolina, you can get a permit for free after filling out some brief paperwork. The process can even be done over the phone as well.

New York requires you to obtain a license as well. To be a scrap metal processor you must fill out the necessary paperwork and pay a yearly license fee of $113.

For a scrap metal dealer’s license in Modesto, California the initial fee is slightly higher at $250 but each year that you renew your current scrap metal license the price drops down to just $150.

Many scrappers are choosing to recycle their metals in other cities near them that do not require permits. I have even heard some discussions about even driving to the next state to do business.

When I hear these kinds of things I always ask, what’s your point? Why would you inconvenience yourself if you are doing everything by the book? Among the blank stares someone always says, well I do not want to pay a fee.

If you only have to pay a scrap metal permit fee once a year like you have to in New York or California, pay the fee or start turning in scrap thieves that are making it bad for everyone else.

The permit fee is less than your mortgage payment, less than a month’s worth of gasoline and the permit fee is less than 8 out of 10 peoples’ cell phone bills per month.

Scrap metal permits do not stop or restrict the amount of money that you can make selling scrap metal. The permit is basically meant to stop you from stealing and attempting to sell things like storm drains, guardrails, things made of metal or have metal in them that are considered city or state property.

Throughout this website I speak about all kinds of free opportunities that can help you to be a success at selling scrap metal. All of this information is free because I want to teach you how to do things the right way, the first time.

I am not asking you to give away your secret scrap metal locations but I do want to ask you for a favor. Scrap metal thieves are nearly all newbie scrappers that tried to seek advice but none was given.

If you come across anyone that is just getting started in the scrap metal business and they ask for your advice, send them to this website. When we allow new scrappers to remain uninformed, everybody is put at risk.