Common Things Made of Aluminum

items made of aluminum
There are many common things made of aluminum that can be considered scrap metal, besides steel, aluminum will most likely be one of the scrap metals that you find most often.

The silvery trim that you see on vehicles is polished aluminum. Soda cans are made of aluminum.

Sure they’re also worth a dime or so depending on where you live but you can legally save all of the aluminum tabs on top of the cans and recycle them separately.

Items made of aluminumOther common things made of aluminum like foil, bike frames, ladders, mail boxes, staples, nails, computer parts, golf clubs, sinks, faucets, screen door and window frames, patio furniture, pots, pans, gates, fencing, and car rims are all things made of aluminum as well.

Many of the foods and snacks that you eat or encounter also have scrap aluminum attached to them that can be recycled.

Another example of common things made of aluminum would include the silver lined wrapper on your favorite candy bar.

The silver cap on yogurt, tv dinner trays or that can filled with corn that you had a hard time opening, then through it into the garbage can is worth money.

Scrap Tin – tin is another metal like copper that you will rarely run into while you’re out hunting for scrap metal. Tin is often used to coat the inside of canned goods, other than that you may only find scrap holiday tins that once had popcorn or chocolate in them.

You may have other scrap tin items like, cookie sheets, pie or cake pans and cookie cutters. These are just a few examples of scrap tin products.

Cast Iron Scrap – you probably know exactly what cast iron looks like already. Most people have at least seen a cast iron pot or skillet. It’s a heavy metal and is normally black in color.

Scrap cast iron will bring you some nice pay days like copper, if you’re able to get your hands on some. Older homes and cemeteries commonly have cast iron fences.

There are a number of items like patio furniture, fire pits, water mains, sewer drain covers, car and truck rotors, many parts on your engine, the tubs and sinks in old homes that are painted white, are actually cast iron.

If you are interested in focusing more of your effort on finding aluminum scrap items, then I would suggest that you read my article that is specifically about locating large amounts of aluminum.

Your success as a scrapper is not just determined by how many hours you spend driving around the area.

It depends on you making smart choices and actually planning your week in advance.

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