Example of a Sales Letter for Business

Letter for customer sellsThis example of a sales letter for business can be used to help your direct marketing and direct mail advertising efforts. Signs outside or signs that are magnetically attached to your vehicle door can only do so much.

Direct mail advertising is still used today because it produces results that are reliable. If you do not know what direct marketing is, it is what you and me would normally consider junk mail.

True, people do throw it away but 8 out of 10 people actually sort through it for deals before throwing it away. Within this article I will briefly describe what direct mail marketing is and I will also provide you with an example of a sales letter for business that you can use.

Direct mailing companies typically send the sales material to households. You could also go door to door or have a flyering company also leave your advertisement at homes in your area.

Direct marketing also includes small business email marketing. Potential customers can receive your business sales letter by email as well, just as they would receive it in their mailbox at home.

A small business email marketing campaign can be setup by you or you could hire an email list broker to handle your email marketing campaign.

Although both methods mentioned above can be used to successfully bring in more business immediately, you first, need to have the most important tool to any business and that is your sales letter.

A sales letter is not some flier that you wrote by hand. It is a short, to the point, description of your business that details your service and how your service will benefit your potential customer.

This example of a sales letter for business was written and catered to scrappers like yourself. Feel free to use the sales letter. Just change the information within it so that it fits the details of your business. You have our permission to use it for your direct mail marketing and also for your small business email marketing campaign.

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As you can see from reading this example sales letter, it is important for you to approach direct mail marketing, email marketing as well as any other marketing for your business seriously. The right information will take you further than the wrong information will any day.