What is a Scrap Yard

what does a scrap yard do with metal
What is a scrap yard? Some of you may be asking yourselves, what is a scrap yard? A scrap yard is a place of business that is set-up to take in any old, used, or simply unwanted scrap metal items with the intentions of recycling it.

Of course, it’s not a non-profit business, or at least most aren’t, but scrap metal yards have been around for decades and commonly, accept a wide variety of scrap metals.

Typically, scrap yards will contain old air conditioning units, scrap wiring and metal piping, and most usually have an assortment of old and wrecked automobiles and parts.

While scrap yards are typically developed as a means of recycling old metal to make a small profit, they also act as a resource for a variety of needs.

For instance, a scrap yard is a primary resource for automotive parts.

Many people will call around checking the local metal yards for vehicle parts before contacting a manufacturer.

This is because scrap metal yards will generally make you a better deal on the price. The part sold will typically be slightly more than they would have normally got out of its base metal price.

Many people consider scrap yards, as automotive graveyards because they contain a treasure trove of car parts.

Scrap metal yards are also a great place to find and buy used wiring for your home projects.

Many artists and abstract sculptors have turned to using metal from scrap metal yards in their work.

The idea of using something old and discarded enables the artist to genuinely give new meaning and new life to something that would otherwise serve no purpose or be melted down.

Scrap metal yards are also excellent places to salvage electronics for the DIY scientist or robot builder.

Scrap yards are an excellent place that is worth exploring whether you’re working on a project, or simply considering starting a new one.

A scrap yard can act as a mode of inspiration to anyone who considers him or herself a do it yourselfer.

However, let us not forget the main purpose of a scrap yard, and that is recycling metal. Anyone can turn a quick buck by simply hauling off any old metal they may have laying around their house.

Remember to call ahead of time to check for prices before you go. Scrapping metal is an excellent way to earn money if you are between jobs.

What people do at scrap yardsYou can even scrap metal full time with the right direction and know how.

Some cities and states have laws covering the recycling of certain metals. The scrap yard that you choose to recycle your metal at will be able to provide more detail.

You can call ahead or most of the scrap metal yards list the information and requirements on their websites.

If you are just getting started as a scrapper please read through the content on this website for needed help and advice.

There is much more to the job that you plan on doing than simply driving up and down neighborhood streets. Now that you know what a scrap yard is, learn how to make the most income for your efforts.