Do I need a Domain to Have a Website

Buying a website name for my businessDo I need a domain to have a website? It really depends on what you want to do with your business and how far you wish to go. I do not want you to feel overwhelmed by technology but even small businesses need to have some sort of website today.

Simply because business, comes from all angles today and you really can not be in more than one place at a time. A domain is another word for website name.

A profile on a social networking site is not considered a website name. The profiles are meant to be a compliment to your own website.

In other words, they are just supposed to send visitors to your main website.

Do I need a domain to have a website? Today I want to give you a little break down on how websites work and how easy it can be to own your own website just as I do.

I admit that I was a little intimidated about the idea of purchasing a domain name.

I figured you had to be, super smart or technically advance to even consider the idea. After all, I’m just a scrapper like you that knows a lot about metal.

I discovered like most things in life, the real challenge is getting out of your own way. Owning a website name is cheap, it does not have to cost thousands of dollars to run.

You also do not have to pay a designer to build a website for you; it is all copy and paste.

Purchasing a domain name cost $7 to $14 a year. You basically buy the name and you have to renew it every year for the same price.

Many of the companies like GoDaddy, that allow you to register domain names provide you with a free starter website once you have bought the name that you want.

The starter website is very similar to the social profiles that you already know how to work.

You simply fill in your information about your scrap business, upload a few pictures if you have some and then click the publish button.

Owning a website name is just like renting a home. However, instead of paying once a month, you only have to pay for your website name once a year.

How can purchasing a domain name help you? Just as you do, everyone else uses their phone these days to check out or find the number of a business.

It is a fact also that people have scrap on more days than trash day or simply won’t put the items out because they are unsure as to if the trash man will take them.

A large amount of people also wait in hopes of getting your attention when you drive by as well but fail to make it outside in time to catch you.

This is how a website name can help you. A sticker or magnet with your contact number on the side of the truck works but for many people it is easier to remember a website name.

Furthermore, a number does not say anything about your business. A website name allows people to learn about your business, the metals you collect and about your business hours.

So my advice to you if you’ve been wondering do I need a domain to have a website, is to shell out the few bucks for a website name.

set up a scrap metal web siteOn a slow week, I receive 560 calls for metal pickups from people that have visited my scrap businesses website.

My pickup area is 50 square miles but I get calls from all over the state. I never turn anyone away that isn’t in my pickup area; I just refer them to friends in their area.

I take my scrap business seriously and I know that you do too, this is why I share the information that I do with you.

A website name will take you further, faster and the cost only amounts to 2 scrap aluminum gutter down spouts a year.