Can You Sell Old Electric Motors

can you sell old electric motors
Can you sell old electric motors? Yes, you can sell old electric motors. Scrap electronics buyers will purchase them or you could sell them at metal recycling companies.

The importance of electric motors is not something that comes up in everyday conversation unless you manufacture or work with them daily.

Electric motors and the cooper that makes them work are just as important as food and water in the world that we live in today. Many people argue that it is more valuable than gold.

Electric motors can be as small as a thumbtack to as large as a full sized SUV.

The outer shell or casing of electric motors is often made of brass, aluminum or sheet steel.

Many of the scrapper that bring old electric motor to scrap metal recycling yards often disassemble the motors first.

The electric motor rather it has brushes or is brushless contains numerous coils of copper wire that it uses to rotate its rotor.

Metal recycling companies will also accept the magnets that are within electric motors as scrap. The magnets are made of a mixture of different scrap metals. Some refer to magnets as top-shelf junk metal because they contain copper, cobalt, nickel, iron, aluminum and titanium. Don’t assume just because you don’t need anymore fridge magnets that all magnets are worthless.

Here’s a list of things that have electric motors in them. Some of the things you probably use on a daily basis knowing or unknowingly

Hair Dryers
Game Controllers
Game Console
Fax Machine
Air Conditioner
Home Furnace
Stereo Receivers
Cassette Players
Food Processors
Electric Can Openers
Ceiling Fans
Corded Power Tools
Cordless Power Tools
ATM Machine
Gas Pumps

These are just examples of things that contain electric motors. Some of the items on the list like cars, contain more than 10 electric motors.

If you’re interested in selling your old electric motors to scrap electronics buyer you can find them online. Many require the old electric motors to still be functional but there are also a lot of buyers that will take them as is.

If you want to sell the old electric motors that you have to metal recycling companies you can do so without disassembling them. However, if scrapping metal is more than a hobby for you then you should disassemble all of your electric motors and sell the metals separately, especially the copper wire and magnets to your local scrap metal recycling yard.