What is Tungsten Carbide Worth

Value of tungsten carbide scrapWhat is tungsten carbide worth? A powder with equal parts of tungsten and carbon when pressed together forms one of the strongest materials known to mankind, and this gray powder is commonly known as Tungsten Carbides.

In theory, Carbide is a compound which has carbon and any other less electronegative element. However, colloquially industrial workers refer to Tungsten Carbide only as Carbide.

Also, it is known just as Tungsten among common people fascinated with Tungsten Carbide Jewelry. Within the information below, I want to share with you some things that are made from Tungsten as well as talk about what is tungsten carbide worth as a scrap metal.

What is the use of Tungsten Carbides

Tungsten Carbide possesses very rare physical properties that make it a unique raw material for a very wide range of applications. It is extremely strong and wear resistant. Its tensile strength is also very high and it is brittle under high pressure. This carbide has made its way to the following industrial usages.

Machining Industry

Machining cutting tools used for machining and high speed drill bits have to be extremely abrasive resistant and withstand very high temperatures and due to this reason, Tungsten Carbide is now replacing the standard cutting tools.

Also, it maintains a sharp cutting edge that enables the manufacturers to produce precision finished products at much faster speeds.

War Industry

The tungsten carbide being extremely dense and hard can produce high penetrating projectiles. Uranium being obsolete and its use deemed as unethical, carbide now replaces its use in armor piercing ammunition.

Nuclear Industry

Tungsten carbide is a nuclear reflector and was used in nuclear weapons during early investigations in the nuclear chain reaction.

Sports Industry

Tungsten carbide is used for the tip of hiker trekking poles for providing the strength to withstand body pressure against the hard rocky surface. It also provides strength and abrasion resistance to roller ski tips.

Carbide stud’s sharpness and strength provide enhanced traction on icy roadways for people who own snowmobiles. Bicycle manufacturers have now started providing carbide studs for the tiers.

In general, Tungsten Carbide is replacing steel for providing far superior strength and non abrasive properties to the sport equipment industry.

Medical Industry

Surgical instruments such as scissors, forceps, hemostats and many more are now made of carbide as it provides much better performance than its stainless-steel counterparts.

Fashion Industry

The carbide jewelry made today is very hard and scratch resistant. Additionally, these types of jewelries have now made their way to the bridal jewelry industry.

So What is Tungsten Carbide Worth

Tungsten Scrap is the carbide remains from equipment. In addition, it is most common in mill tools.

In a very broad definition, there are two types of carbide scraps – Clean and Dirty. Clean scraps are solid carbides such as end mills, reamers and drill bits, whereas dirty scraps have braze alloy in them such as carbide saw tips that are taken off of the saw.

The tungsten carbide scrap can be sold for up to $14 per pound. You can sell tungsten on ebay as well for a reasonable price. It is also a good idea as you already can imagine to sell tungsten scrap to your local scrap yard.