SMSC 3 | Scrap Metal Advertising Ideas

neighborhood scrap metal places
Scrap metal advertising ideas. Advertising plays a big role in getting the word out about your scrap metal business. It can save you a lot on gas because rather than cruising the neighborhoods, you only go to specific pick ups.

Below are some scrap metal advertising ideas that you can use that are affective and easy on the wallet.

You can let others know about your scrap business in one of two ways. You can use word of mouth but that will only get so far without a presentation or invest in some cheap advertising for your scrap metal business.

To get the word out, when I first started, I made a flier at home and then I took it to Staples and used the self serve copier that cost a penny and I made 500 copies for 5 bucks.

Where you leave the fliers for your scrap metal business is important too. Don’t leave them in places where no one cares like; hospitals, gyms or grocery stores. Leave the fliers for your scrap business at locations like; home repair centers, craft and hardware stores.

Another thing that I did to get my scrap metal business noticed was place some classified ads locally. They are cheap and I received 35 calls the first day my ad for scrap metal and junk removal went live. These are just a couple of things that you can do that are cost effective.

Advertising a scrap yardSure we all know about the magnetic sign that we see on car doors. If you are working with a limited budget for your scrap metal business don’t make this purchase just yet.

You could buy fliers and still run classifieds for 5 months for what the sign cost.

Block sales and community garage sales are also a perfect place to advertise your scrap metal business.

You could make a list of goods that you know have scrap metal within them and pass the list out within the community.

Instruct everyone to call you at the end of the sale for pick up of the scrap metal items.

There are typically at least 50 houses, that participate in the sales so you are sure to make some good money from all of the scrap metal. Additionally since everyone will have your number, let them know when you pick up that they can call your scrap metal business anytime.

Out of all of the scrap metal advertising ideas mentioned here, the garage sale scrap pick up idea will keep you busy all summer long depending on how many block sales you set up arraignments with.

Be sure to let the people that you pick up items from; know that you are available during winter months as well.

Besides summer cleaning, people also throw away a ton of scrap in the fall. They also do another clean out right before Christmas that usually sits in the garage until the following spring.