Where to get Cheap Tshirts Made

shirts for my crew members
Where to get cheap tshirts made? It’s not something that you think about everyday but the clothing especially customized t shirts that you wear; say a lot about you as a person as well as the things that you like.

Your favorite sports team, clothing designer and even your favorite music band all have customized t shirts that they use for one purpose.

That is to get the name out for their business. You are advertising their brands for them every time that you put on their t shirts.

Think about all of the thousands of places that you have been wearing your favorite teams customized t shirts. Why not advertise your scrap metal business in the same way.

You do not have to get hundreds of t shirts made; you only need 7 that you can wear each day of the week while you are out scrapping.

Customized t shirts are a form of silent visual advertising that people remember very well. There are many local t shirt printing companies in your area I am sure.

I would advise you to shop around for the best price but the shirts will likely run between $12 and $15 a piece.

Many businesses get custom t shirt printing done and choose to give away the shirts at picnics or they put them in gift bags.

This is not what I want you to do because as a small business, you need to get the word out everyday. If you just gave away your t shirts you would not know when or if the person even wears the shirt.

This is why I suggested getting several different colored shirts made. When you wear the t shirts, you are effectively advertising your business any time that anyone sees you or drives by you.

Cheap custom business shirtsTo get the t shirts printed, all that you need is the name of your scrap business, phone number, website name and a logo if you have one.

T shirt printing companies can design the shirts for you as well and present ideas to you as well.

You will need to make a few calls or visit a few websites for t shirt design to figure out what exactly works best for you but t shirts are definitely another form of great advertising that you should be using.

I personally found that trophy shops and the local t shirt shops that supply the shirts for the local little league teams have the best prices in my area.

Besides wearing your shirts while out scrapping metal, you should also wear them at local events like fairs, school sports games, malls, grocery stores, home repair stores, while doing yard maintenance and any other locations that you run into where many people get together.

You will be surprised as to how many calls you get from just standing in the long lines at the grocery or hardware stores.

So now that you know where to get cheap tshirts made and how they can help create awareness for your scrap business, come up with your own custom t shirt design idea today and put this tip to work for you. If all that you can afford is one t shirt right now, just get one and get a few more when you can.