Where Can I find Copper to Scrap

Locations to find copper wireWhere can I find copper to scrap? Although it is not the most valuable metal that you will find, any type of scrap copper that you find while scrapping will definitely brighten the day.

Many people that recycle copper do not solely rely on finding it at the curb. Most of us have a specific source that is always reliable.

While at the yard the other day a fella approached me while I was offloading a few bins of copper and asked, where can I find copper to scrap like you have here?

I always try my best to help and explain what I have learned throughout my years of copper scrap recycling so without hesitation I began what ended up being an hour long conversation about recycling copper.

I was able to help him but the key issue at hand as I mentioned already is having a source or location that will continue to provide scrap copper.

It does not make sense for you to start everyday expecting to find a mother-load of scrap copper if you do not know where to look at in the first place.

Appliance Repairs and Sale Stores

Appliance repair stores are one of the most overlooked locations by copper recyclers. These types of businesses throw away an unimaginable amount of copper scrap everyday.

All of the floor model appliances and such that you see, all stop working at some point. They do not stop working all at the same time either.

A few televisions, dvd players, washers, dryers, stoves or fridges stop working or are damaged nearly everyday that have to be thrown away.

Even wiring such as cords, cable and speaker wire.

If you did not know already, the wiring that you find inside of appliances, in cables and cords is either copper wire or aluminum wire.

I have seen far too many scrappers leave aluminum speaker wiring behind thinking that it is worthless.

I write about these kinds of things so that you do not leave money on the curbside yourself.

things containing copper wiring
Appliance repair stores and locations that just sell appliances all have guidelines for the disposal of their damaged goods.

Some send them back to manufacturers but most destroy the nonworking item before it is thrown into the dumpster out back.

This is done to make sure that even if you pulled an old television out of their dumpster you can not just replace a missing button or some other minor repair and have a like-new item.

However you are not looking for a working television anyway, you just want the various metals and scrap copper that it contains.

Seek permission or set up an agreement with the appliance repair stores in your area to pick up damaged goods that you know contain scrap copper and other metals.

Your metal and copper recycling services can save them money and reduce the amount of metals that reach our landfills.

When you set up any type of agreement with a business to pick up their scrap copper or any other metal, keep a copy of the agreement in the truck at all times.

If you are found on their property after hours by law enforcement, that piece of paper will save you some money. Stay safe out there and think intelligently during your search for scrap copper.