Scrap Metal Salvage Companies – Startup Tips

Start your own scrap metal businessPersonal scrap metal salvage companies have been a hot start up business in recent years. Scrap metal salvage companies essentially gather scrap metals and trade them for instant payment from metal processing facilities.

As one scrapper put it, it’s like driving through the city and seeing money trees everywhere.

I agree with him, throwing away any kind of scrap metal is like setting a pile of cash out with the trash.

This is why there has been a surge in scrap metal salvage companies. As I explain the basics below, you can start your own scrap metal business tomorrow or today if you have everything that you need.

Vehicle – You don’t have to have an old truck to start a scrap metal business but it would be a good idea if you plan on making money quickly.

A truck can obviously hold more scrap metal than the trunk of your car. Make sure that your tabs, plate and insurance are all in order as well as up to date.

Your scrap metal business represents you and so does the vehicle you drive. Make sure that you check your shocks because they have to support your load. Also, repair your exhaust if it is loud.

Complaints that scrap metal business owners catch heat for; this is number one, loud trucks driving up and down the streets at night.

An alternative to a truck for your scrap metal business is a trailer. Start small if you have to and save up money towards a bigger scrap metal vehicle.

scrap metal business tips

Tools – This should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway, you need a variety of hand tools for your scrap metal business.

Below are some things I keep on hand when I go out looking for scrap metal.

• Hammer
• Flat & Phillips Screwdrivers
• Hacksaw
• Socket set
• Crescent wrench
• Vise grips
• Pliers
• Utility knife
• Rope
• Tarps
• Shop rags
• Gloves

This is all stuff that you probably already own. It wouldn’t be top of the line but you could pick up everything on that list for 30 bucks or less. I personally don’t take my good tools on a scrap metal run.

I use the ones that you can find at dollar stores. This way if I loose one or something breaks, it’s not that big a loss to my scrap metal business.

Tip: Additionally, you should also try to purchase an inexpensive cordless drill. This will save you a ton of time plus it will save you the pain of having to unscrew hundreds of screws by hand.

Bring a few extra fuses just in case you happen to lose power attempting to plug in the battery charger in the truck’s power adapter.

This has happened to me on more than one occasion so I now keep a little box of truck fuses handy.