Can you scrap Car Rims and Chrome Rims

scrap value of car rims
Yes, you can scrap car rims or chrome rims. Designed and made with high-strength steel, everyday truck and car rims are valuable scrap items.

Many scrappers sell decent chrome and standard rims directly to junk yards or in classified ads that can be found online. Dented or bent car rims are often just sold to scrap yards.

In cities and states that have poor road conditions it is not uncommon to see scrappers appear in yards with up to 20 damaged chrome or steel car rims.

Many people write me and want to know if the value of chrome rims is greater than that of standard steel rims.

Chrome rims are mainly heavier than steel rims because they have layers of other metals on them. However if you have a chrome rim and a steel rim that weighs the same, you may get a few extra cents as far as scrap metal is concerned for the chrome rim.

steel and chrome rim scrapChrome rims are initially steel from there they are covered with a thin layer of copper, nickel and then chromium to finish the process.

Their real value is their attractiveness to you and how they make your vehicle look. Scrap yards commonly consider them to be a mixed metal whose main content makeup is steel.

A standard steel, 17 inch car rim weighs 22 to 25 pounds. The same size rim but chrome, weighs 29 to 32 pounds. The chrome rim weighs a bit more but you will find more steel scrap rims over time than you will chrome.