The Price of Scrap Metal – Part 2

Getting correct scrap prices
The price of scrap metal at local yards and the price of scrap metal reflected on commodity charts are two slightly different things as you have read in the first part of this article.

Although it is important to know what the current price of scrap metal is on the commodities market it is more important for you to have a reliable and trustworthy scrap yard that you deal with regularly.

The Market Price vs The Buying Price

Commodity scrap metal prices enable you to know how big the gap is between what an individual scrap yard is buying metal for versus how much they are going to sell it to suppliers for.

This is just an example but if copper on the commodities market is worth $3.00 a pound and a local yard offers you $0.30 a pound that is obviously not a good deal at all.

Yes, these kinds of bad deals go on and I receive emails from people all of the time that are not happy with their local scrap yards buying prices. This is why a little research goes a long way in helping you. Always call ahead or check out local scrap yard’s websites to view their buying prices before you head out with your load.

Your goal as a scrapper is to make as much money for your efforts as possible. Most scrap metal collectors work seven days a week but you do not have to if you know where to always find scrap metal.

You Want to Learn, We Want to Help

I provide in depth, yet easy to understand instructions on how you can set up contractual agreements with machine shops as well as other companies that manufacturer products out of various metals that are waiting for scrappers to haul away their scrap.

Figuring out the price of scrap metal, you will see, is the easy part but the prices of scrap metal aren’t the only thing that you need to know.

Let’s put it this way, if the only thing that you have done thus far is drive through neighborhoods, you are only scratching the surface money of the scrap metal industry. There are more people throwing away metal scrap everyday than there are scrappers out there picking it up.

All of the information on this site will never cost you a thing. Regardless to what you may have heard, there is no slow time in the scrap metal, steel and copper industries.

If that were true, you would not be able to buy anything electrical or anything that is held together with screws, next week. Make certain that you visit often because I add new helpful information on a regular basis.

As always, if you have any tips you would like me to share feel free to email them to me using the contact form. I’ll do my best to research and provide you with what ever tips I can, dealing with scrap metal recycling and how to get the best prices for scrap metal.

Tips: Depending on where you live and what types of metal scraps you collect, you may need a license. Check with your city for information on scrap metal dealing. Trust worthy scrap buyers should also have this information on their websites or available for you at their yards.