What is a Car Magnet

vehicle magnet business sign
What is a car magnet and how can it really help your business? During a recent visit to the yard I was asked, what is a car magnet by a gentleman?

He explained that he knew how to test metals with an everyday hand magnet but wondered what the difference was between the two.

Vehicle magnetic signI’ve briefly talked about car magnets here before but didn’t really get into the detail of how one can be used to bring in more business for you.

Many of you may already know about them but I rarely see scrappers with magnetic truck signs.

Magnetic signs are made of a thin magnetic material that is about as thick as a piece of construction paper.

One side sticks to your truck door and the other side is used to print your business name and phone number on it.

When magnetic signs hit the market some time ago, they were expensive.

However, like all things the price for magnetic vehicle signs has dropped considerably.

You can supply a picture and your business information and have one printed today for less than $30 at many print shops and office supply stores.

What is a car magnet good for anyway? We both know that a magnetic truck sign is a good way to let potential customers know about your scrap business.

However, since most of us collect in the early morning or late evening they are not as effective because there aren’t many people outside during those times of day to see the sign.

What I do to get the most out of my magnetic signs and you should too is purposely drive your truck on the highway during rush hour.

Don’t bother to drive in the fast lane. Stay in the slow lane and cruise just under the speed limit.

We both know that there are thousands of cars on the highway during this time of the day.

That translates into thousands of people seeing your magnetic sign.

business advertising magnet for car
Instead of putting the magnetic sign on the door of your truck, it is better to put it on the tailgate of the truck when you are doing highway advertising.

Why, because people look left or right quickly when they change lanes so they won’t see your magnetic sign that well if it is on the door.

When the sign is on the tailgate, people can see your magnetic sign from a quarter mile away, all the way up until they pass your truck.

That is longer than a television commercial and it definitely gives them time to write your information down or memorize your contact number.

Magnetic signs are cheap but that doesn’t mean that you should not shop around for the best price.

I recommend putting some kind of picture on the sign because it will get more attention.

Don’t try and fit all of the details about your business on the magnetic sign either.

You want the sign to be readable from a distance so you should stick to 3 lines of text at the most.

I know from experience that when your budget is tight, it is hard to invest money into your business.

This is why I try to only express ideas that I know will work no matter what your budget happens to be.

Get yourself a magnetic truck sign. It will pay for itself within a week.