Can you scrap Digital Cameras

digital camera scrap metal amountYes, you can scrap digital cameras. There are a few different types of scrap metal within digital cameras in fact.

If you take the camera apart, you will find that it contains steel, copper, gold and aluminum parts within it.

The thing that you must understand when it comes to digital cameras is that when you buy one or receive it, the value of the camera is based off of what it can do. It is not necessarily based off the amount of scrap metal that is inside of the digital camera.

With that said, if the digital camera that you want to scrap is plastic bodied and cost $0 to $100 either remove the plastic casing and then throw the metal innards in with your mixed metal pile or remove each of the types of metal I mentioned and then put them into their respective piles.

If the digital camera that you have is very expensive, you should consider selling it if it still works.

If it does not work and needs to be repaired fix the camera and keep it, give it away as a present or again, try to sell it.

The only other option unless you can think of something else is to scrap the digital camera. Scrap metal prices are based on how much the metal weighs and what type of metal that it is.

Hand-held digital cameras are made to be light weight and the majority of digital cameras today, weigh less than 3 pounds.

If you only have one digital camera that you wish to scrap any scrap yard will take it off of your hands but the trip to the yard won’t be worthwhile.

Save up a few wheelbarrows or garbage cans full of scrap metal, bring the scrap in to your local scrap yard and leave with some money worth folding.