How to Clean Out a Garage Full of Junk

How to Clean Out a Garage Full of Junk
How to clean out a garage full of junk. The door has done its job at hiding your piles of memories for years. It has also helped you hide all of the other junk that has made its way into the garage as well.

Okay sure, not everything in your garage is junk so this advice may not be for you at the moment.

The tips that follow on how to clean out a garage full of junk are more for people who have finally had it with the mess and just want their garage space back.

I Don’t Have Time for A Garage Sale

There are local businesses in your area that offer professional garage clean out or organizing services.

A garage clean out service is exactly what it sounds like. They essentially show up with pickup trucks and dump trucks, you just have to point them in the right direction. That sounds amazing but there are obviously some rules and a fee.

Dumpster Rental

You’re probably thinking this sounds like a bad idea already, but hear me out. Dumpsters can be rented for 24 hours. They do not have to sit in your driveway or in front of your house for days and weeks on end.

Dumpster rental companies can easily be found but you should plan ahead. If your garage is totally filled with junk you may want to get some extra help from friends if you’ve chosen a 24 hour rental.

Scrap Yard or Curbside

Many old household items like fridges, stoves, washers and dryers cant just be set at the curbside without a special pickup tag nor can they be put into dumpsters.

Scrap yards will accept these types of old goods. Scrap yards also accept nearly everything made of metal including items made of tin, copper, steel and aluminum. Check out some of the other items you can send to the scrap yard – Garage Clean Out.

professional garage clean out service
Curbside Scrap

Depending on where you live, typically the night before regular household garbage pickup you’ll see scrap trucks driving through the neighborhood. Flag one of the scrap truck drivers down. They’re out looking for scrap metal and would love to pickup any scrap metal items that you have to give.

The scrap collectors that you see throughout the streets are just regular people. Some collect scrap metal as a side project and some scrap metal as their main job. The dirty truck is just a job requirement.

What’s Best for You

The task may seem overwhelming but you know it has to be done. If you don’t want to deal with any of the junk in the garage your best bet would be to reach out to a professional garage clean out service in your area.

Many of the companies are not licensed to haul away any hazardous waste or flammable materials or flammable liquids. If you have these types of materials, contact your city office to find out how to dispose of the items.

If renting a dumpster for 24 hours makes more sense for you then that’s great. Use the opportunity to get rid of some old junk from inside the house too. You could also charge your neighbors $20 to $50 to throw some of their stuff in the dumpster too if there is space left after your finished.

Any scrap/junk metal items can be taken to a scrap yard. The scrap metal yard will pay you for the old metal but the pay is based on how much the scrap metal weighs, it is not based on emotional value.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to stay safe out there. Always wear protective gear when you’re handling household waste and scrap metal.