Can you scrap Aluminum Baseball Bats

baseball bat scrap metal
Yes, you can scrap them and they are a great example of aluminum. Unless you coach a team, own batting cages or work at a local school, you may not find too many aluminum bats in the garbage.

Most are passed down to other children in the family or donated.

Thrift stores often sell bats for a few cents.

If you are ever in one of these stores, you would be wise to purchase any aluminum bats that you see because they are worth more in scrap than what these stores charge for them.

You may find aluminum baseball bats at local garage sales however; they will likely be priced higher because people attempt to recover the original cost of the bat if it is still in good shape.

baseball bat scrapYour best bet, if you want to focus your efforts on aluminum bats is to form a partnership with one of the organizations that I mentioned.

If you show up unannounced be sure that you are decently dressed.

Make sure that you have a business card available that is not dirty.

If the person that you need to speak with about setting up a partnership is not available, briefly explain what you do and your intentions to the person that you speak with.

Leave your business card with this person.

Do not give up just because you can not speak to the boss today.

Rather than having the person that you speak with tell the boss some guy left his card about scrap metal, impress them enough so they’ll say we really need to work with this guy.