Can you scrap Aluminum Windows

old aluminum window scrap
Yes, you sure can scrap aluminum windows. Many homes today do not have 100% aluminum windows, most have PVC or vinyl windows that have a few aluminum parts on them.

Older homes that have not been updated typically still have aluminum windows but a large number of them also have wood framed windows.

If you are able to get your hands on some aluminum windows be sure to remove the window’s framing as well.

Don’t just bring in the framing from around the glass; bring in the entire window treatment.

Additionally, scrap yards will commonly accept windows that have the glass still within them but if you are able to, most prefer that you get rid of the glass before you bring the windows into the yard. This is for safety reasons.

Furthermore, glass has no value to scrap metal yards. It would only take up much needed space.

aluminum window scrap metalYou can however scrap glass too, just like metal. There are companies that buy colored and clear glass.

They melt it down just like metal recyclers do and then reuse it to make new glass items and products that contain glass.

Be careful when you are handling aluminum windows that still have the glass intact.

Never break the glass and leave it in front of someone’s home. Take the entire scrap window with you. This will assure that no one gets cut unintentionally.