Can You Sell Old Barbed Wire

Can you sell old barbed wire? Yes, you can sell old barbed wire to a private seller or to metal recycling companies. People often associate barbed wire with high security places such as prison or military installations. Although its uses have evolved from its original intention, barbed wire still remains heavily sought after throughout the world.

Barbed wire fencing had been around for quite some time for before its first patent was granted to Joseph Glidden in 1873.

Back then, the barbs or spurs as they are some times referred to had to be twisted onto the wire strands by hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome didn’t receive any real attention until 1938 but I’m pretty sure many of the employees at these early businesses had to have had it.

Today, the process of making barbed wire is 95% automated.

Manufacturers use two main strands of reinforced carbon steel that are twisted together. The barbs or spurs on the wire are also made of carbon steel.

Every scrap metal recycling yard has their own intake rules for fencing so be sure to check with your local metal recycling companies near you.

In general, any barbed wire fencing that you bring to a scrap metal recycling yard needs to be tightly bound. Many yards require the wire to cut into separate coils before they will accept it as scrap. These requirements are not meant to be a hassle. They are to help keep everyone safe who will handle the barbed wire before it heads over for meltdown.

Wire spools made of metal are fine but try to avoid bringing wooden or plastic spools of barbed wire to scrap metal recycling yards.

Although you may not find a lot of barbed wire while on your day to day hunt for scrap metal it is out there because truck beds of it arrive at the yard daily.

For more specific rules regarding the handling of scrap barbed wire or scrap razor wire fencing be sure to call or check the websites of local metal recycling companies near you.