Can you scrap Circuit Breakers

home circuit breaker scrap metalYes, you can scrap circuit breakers. Before you get to excited though, circuit breakers may feel like they have a good amount of weight to them but as far as scrap metal goes, there isn’t much inside.

The majority of the weight that you feel when holding a circuit breaker is from the casing. There is some copper and steel inside of them but you will need a few hundred of them to see a really nice pay day.

If you want to collect and save scrap circuit breakers you would be better off drilling out the rivets and removing the metals inside each of your breakers.

This way you will be able to know exactly what you have as far as scrap instead of assuming that you have a hundred pounds of scrap circuit breakers when you only have 15 pounds of sellable scrap metal.

circuit breaker scrap metalCircuit breakers are rather small in size so they too are an item that will be thrown directly into the trash can.

You may get lucky and find a box of old scrap circuit breakers while out scrapping someday or you can just go to a source that throws them out everyday.

Electricians work with as well as throw these items away on a daily basis.

If asked, I am certain that individual electricians or companies that employ electricians will be more than happy to provide you old circuit breakers that you can dismantle for scrap metal.