Can You Scrap Power Lines

can you scrap power lines
Can you scrap power lines? Yes, you can scrap power lines at any scrap metal recycling yard near you. All power lines are made of either copper or aluminum.

Power lines come in different thicknesses. The power lines that attach to the back of your home from the pole are just one example of what power lines look like.

Although you may call it a cable or cord, you in fact connect a power line to your phone or computer when it’s time to charge either device.

The wire that connects to your light switch within the wall of your home is considered a power line as well.

Metal recycling companies work with scrappers and they work with small to large manufacturing and construction businesses. Just like scrappers, these businesses bring in their various scrap metals for recycling too.

Out in the field you’ll likely never find unsheathed power lines. The higher the voltage that the power line can maintain the thicker the sheathing on the line will be. This isn’t regular thin plastic, power line sheathing adds a lot of weight to the wire it surrounds.

Do a quick video search. There are a number of scrappers who made their own sheathing strippers out of stuff lying around the garage.

It is not safe for you to burn the sheathing or plastic off of power lines, cables or wires even if it is in open air. The fumes are toxic and its likely against the law or city ordinance where you live.

The reason I brought up removing the sheathing before bringing the copper or aluminum to the scrap metal recycling yard is because you will make more money with bare copper or aluminum.

Copper power lines with no sheathing are 100% copper
Copper power lines with sheathing are 75% copper and 25% plastic

Metal recycling companies accept power lines that still have the sheathing intact as scrap metal willingly.