Scrap Metal Salvage Value – Types of Metals

Value of salvage metalScrap metal salvage value obviously depends on the metal you are recycling. Determining your scrap metal salvage value also depends on what salvage company you use as well as I explained in my previous article.

Scrap buyers often accept various metals but a lot of them also want particular types of metals.

Although copper and aluminum are always winners, some buyers cater to the brass and iron industry and will pay more for good scrap.

This article on scrap metal salvage value will give you some easy ways to quickly identify common types of scrap metal.

Grab a pen and a sticky pad if you have one. On one of the squares, write the words, cast iron. On another square write, tin, then do the same for each of the following words as well – aluminum, silver, brass and copper.

Now gather one item from around the house to fit each of the scrap metal categories.

They do not have to be things that you plan on recycling. The point is to show you what each of the types of metals look like.

Start with a piece of scrap copper. Most of the copper in your home is within the walls. The thick, orangish-red wire that connects to your light switches and plugs is made of copper.

If you have any old speaker wire, you can use that for your example. The wire will be the same color that I mentioned.

Nearly all appliances, starters, alternators, box fans and ceiling fans have copper coils within them.

Additionally, you could check your junk drawer for any pennies that were made between 1909 to 1982. Pennies made between those two dates are all 95% copper and worth double their value in scrap metal.

Scrap Brass Items – brass is easy to spot because it resembles gold when it’s polished. Things like car radiators, light fixtures, the knocker on your home’s door, the address numbers, door knobs and latches are made of brass.

You honestly won’t run into to much scrap brass unless you set up an arrangement with a demolition company.

Scrap Silver Salvage – you can find scrap silver in many of the things you likely already have like earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, money clips, old silverware and some pots and pans.

You can also check around for any silver dimes or quarters. Did you know that 20 dimes made between 1916 and 1964 are worth $23.80 in scrap metal? Also, just three quarters from 1916 through 1964 are worth $8.91 in scrap metal.

kinds of scrap metal
Makes you want to dig through the couch and clean out the change in the arm-rest of your car or truck doesn’t it?

Old washers and dryers besides the scrap metal they offer are actually big piggy banks.

Before you scrap either, be sure to strip them apart completely. Each will easily have $50 or more in change within them. Make sure that you check the dates on the change before you think about spending it.

Now that you know what each of the most common scrap metals looks like, you should with time, be able to spot metal scrap more easily while you are out driving around the area. Do not stop here, read through a few more of the helpful topics that I have to share here.