Where to find Scrap Aluminum

Places to find aluminum
Where to find scrap aluminum? As a scrapper, the top two things that probably come to mind when discussing aluminum is either foil or soda cans.

Small aluminum items are found here and there throughout the day but like copper, the chances of finding a pile of aluminum at every stop is slim.

Within this article on where to find scrap aluminum, I want to tell you about a few locations that you typically wouldn’t consider being a great source for scrap aluminum.

One of my first suggestions on where to find scrap aluminum is to contact all of the churches and local halls in your area. Churches have dinners or potlucks all of the time.

Halls offer people a chance to host their own wedding, baby shower, cabaret and so forth.

The thing that both locations have in common regardless of the type of event taking place is food.

The food nearly 90% of the time is served banquet style and the food is always in huge disposable aluminum pans. Now you are starting to see what I am saying.

The question though is how to get the pans without digging through a nasty dumpster. Additionally, unless you are prepared to re-bag all of the garbage bags that you break open to get the aluminum pans, don’t bother making a mess.

There is an easier and cleaner way to do it and that is to simply approach the pastor or owner of the hall and ask them to set all of the pans aside for you.

They will likely be happy to save the aluminum for you and will most likely have other scrap such as folding metal chairs and tables that have been damaged that you can take with you as well.

Just so that you know, those huge aluminum pans that they put the chicken and mashed potatoes in weigh 3 pounds each.

People typically use 30 of these heavy duty aluminum pans at every event that takes place at a hall.

So if you do the math for just one event, 30 x 3 = 90 pounds of scrap aluminum.

Knowing where to find scrap aluminum is important to your business as a whole.

If you are serious about scrapping metal, you should understand that this is not just about making fast money today.

Recycling metal is about making fast money tomorrow and on into the future as well.

There is no foreseeable end to the need for steel and other metals that we use.

You may see companies or other scrappers that you know walk away from the table complaining and placing the blame on others.

What they never admit publicly is that their mistakes are a result of poor judgment and a lack of proper planning.

As you have read here, sometimes in our efforts to make money we overlook the small things like 90 pounds of scrap aluminum sitting in the trash at the local church or rental hall down the street.

The easiest way to locate all of the local churches and rental halls in your area is to do a search online that includes your city and state.

For example: list of banquet halls in my area. Make a list of the locations nearest you, contact them professionally, and let them know about your scrap metal recycling business.