Can You Scrap Old Knives

can you scrap old knives
Can you scrap old knives? Yes, you can scrap old knives and silverware at local metal recycling companies. Just about everyone has a drawer full of old dull knives at home.

Like many people, you’ve likely tried to sharpen them over the years. The problem that many us have is, store bought knife sharpening tools get the blade sharp but the sharpness doesn’t last.

Unless you have an electric sharpening wheel, it could take hours even days for you to get your knives razor edge back again.

For this main reason, many people just throw old knives away.

Our scrap metal recycling yard and many other metal recycling companies in the area have been seeing tons of old knives, silverware and even swords coming in over the last few years.

On a Tuesday a few months ago a guy showed up to the yard with 177 – 5 gallon buckets filled with knives and various other silverware. Obviously, with such a strange load of scrap metal, we had to ask him where did he get all of the scrap.

He explained to us how he is able to get such large amounts of scrap and his method is worth sharing so allow me to explain.

The scraper said he simply picks a neighborhood or subdivision. He then said that he gets out of his truck, walks up and knocks on the doors of each of the homes.

When the homeowner answers the door, he said that he introduces his self and tells the homeowner about his junk/scrap metal pickup service.

During the conversation, he informs the homeowner that he specializes in recycling old knives and silverware. He then asks if he could leave an empty 5 gallon bucket for them to throw any old, dull knives into.

He leaves the bucket and asks them to simply leave the bucket once filled, on the front porch for him to pickup the next day. He said that people are happy to get rid of the old items.

If you can afford it, it would be wise to get some affordable business cards made. He said that he also leaves his card and now has a growing customer base that calls him to pickup other discards to take to the scrap metal recycling yard.