Where to Find Scrap Steel

steel that you can scrap for money
Where to find scrap steel. If you are in search of particular metals such as steel, knowing where to find scrap steel besides the most common locations will definitely require a plan.

Scrap steel because of its abundance is one of the most recycled metals. Although you can find it on nearly every curbside, we both I am sure, can agree that you need a lot more scrap steel than copper to make some decent money.

Below I want to share a few suggestions that will help you discover alternate places to find scrap steel.

I am sure that you have noticed by now that many of your local grocery stores are starting to replace their steel grocery carts for plastic ones. In some cases, the store may have just wanted to upgrade.

However the major reason why you are seeing the change is because the steel carts are to costly to repair.

The steel carts are hit and damaged by vehicles on a daily basis. If they are not damaged by cars hitting them, the wind sends them cruising across the lot to damage your vehicle for you as well as themselves.

Steel does not bounce back like plastic does, it bends or breaks and because of that point, store owners simply throw the damaged carts into the dumpster.

The steel carts do not feel heavy because they have wheels but the standard sized cart weighs between 60 and 70 pounds. If you only had 2 carts that would equal 120 to 140 pounds of scrap steel.

Places to find scrap steelThat is not the only thing that these types of stores have to offer. They frequently throw away old steel shelves and racks.

I often suggest that you approach businesses to set up agreements and arrangements to pick up scrap steel and various other metals.

I suggest this because this is what I do and what many of the scrap metal recyclers that I know do as well.

This type of approach shows that you are professional and most importantly it guarantees your money will be there when you arrive.

If you have an arrangement set up, the scrap steel that you are promised won’t be sitting outside waiting for who ever wants to take it.

Finding a sweet spot that always has scrap is what we are all after.

There are many grocery stores and other types of stores that use steel carts and steel shelving, so the opportunity is wide open.

Additionally, it is unfortunate that any business would have to close down but this is yet another chance for you to collect and sell scrap steel.

Check newspaper classifieds for announcements of businesses closing their doors.

Look for retail stores as well as manufacturing businesses. You could also set up an agreement to come in once the business has closed to remove any scrap steel that remains.

Special Note: Now that you know where to find scrap steel, before you head off to sell scrap steel carts or shelving to your local scrap yard make sure that you bring in a copy of your agreements to show that you have permission to have the items.

This type of scrap metal will definitely raise some eyebrows. You should not have to show the agreement every time but your local scrap yard will make that decision.