What Kind of Scrap Metal to Sell

collect all types of scrap metalWhat kind of scrap metal to sell or which one pays the most, is a question I’m asked all of the time. Seriously, my answer is always the same.

I tell my friends and I’ll tell you, don’t try and limit yourself by going out there just looking for particular scrap metal, take it all.

That’s my answer to, what kind of scrap metal to sell. If you don’t take it all, then you are leaving money on the curb as well.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for while you’re out collecting scrap metal, you will start to see just how much money people are throwing away. This article covers just a few of the most common scrap metals you will find.

Below you will see a list of scrap metal items that can be sold for money.

It’s not an official list of everything accepted by scrap buyers but it will give you some good ideas if you are wondering what kind of scrap metal to sell.

Scrap metal items: Metal boats, stoves, toasters, workout equipment, lamps, tire rims, shovels, strollers, bed frames, scrap lawn mowers, air conditioners, hot water heaters, all batteries, basketball rims, scrap filing cabinets, pet cages, ironing boards, nails and screws.

Additionally metal bins, metal drums, old propane tanks (empty), metal signs, scrap tools, humidifiers, refrigerators, scrap stainless steel, music instruments, gutters, beer kegs, metal hubcaps, tv’s, scrap vcr’s, computers, nuts, bolts, garage doors and many more things.

Nearly everything, even the screws holding plastic toys together has some form of scrap metal.

This list could go on forever but it won’t because I know that you understand now how much free money is out there right now, sitting on the side of the road.

If you think that you are going to get your hands dirty, you are right and you will but knowing that already, you will have no problem collecting scrap metal.

Your ticket to easy street is outside waiting for you. You don’t need me to prove it to you, all that you have to do is look outside on trash day.

If I lived in your neighborhood don’t worry, I would gladly cruise down your streets and pickup all the scrap metal my truck can hold.

I can only explain to you how to scrap metal for money, you must get out there and collect the scrap metal.

Now that you know what kind of scrap metal to sell, spend some time reading about some of the opportunities that you can take advantage of as a scrapper.

Types of scrap yards buyTips – Your scrap metal salvage value as a whole depends on the market, the scrap metal buyer and most importantly your knowledge of what type of scrap metal you have.

Some things like old washing machines for example, have multiple forms of scrap metal within them. Most have brass fittings, steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel parts that can be sold separately as scrap metal.

Warnings – Always check with your city or state to determine if you need a license to recycle any particular scrap metal.

Scrap buyers will also have this information available.

It is always easier to do thing the right way than to come up with excuses as to why you did something incorrectly.