Can You Sell Old Alternators

can you sell old alternators
Can you sell old alternators? Yes, you can sell old alternators rather than work or no longer function. A scrap metal recycling yard will gladly take the old alternator off your hands.

Other than selling the alternator to a scrap metal recycling yard, you could sell it to a junk yard if it still works.

There are also small businesses that buy non-working alternators and rebuild them.

One of the main reasons that alternators fail is the brushes within them wear down. They also fail due to problems within the vehicle’s wiring that causes the coils within them to burn up.

A scrap metal recycling yard will accept the alternator as scrap. Depending on the type of vehicle that it was mounted to, an alternator can weigh 15 to 75+ pounds.

Many scrappers choose to disassemble old alternators before taking them to a scrap metal recycling yard because the metals within them are more valuable separated.

The casing that surrounds them is made of aluminum; the heat sink is also made of aluminum as well.

There are 2 loads of copper coil within alternators. One of the coils surrounds the stator, inner body of the alternator. The second copper coil surrounds the rotor, middle section than spins.

Other metals a scrap metal recycling yard would be interested in that the alternator contains are steel and the iron cores that surround its inner body.

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If you are just looking to get rid of an old alternator, call the scrap metal recycling yard near you to see what their buying prices are or check their websites. It would be wise to check a few yards to ensure you get the best price.