How to Scrap Car Parts

Old scrap auto partsHow to scrap car parts? Before you begin researching, how to scrap car parts, there are a number of factors that you need to consider before you make contact with buyers.

You need to learn how the car scrap process works. Today I want to share some helpful tips that you can use to get the most from your car’s parts.

This process can be done with any old car that you have, that is no longer needed or running.

The decision to learn how to scrap car parts is often one that is faced by car enthusiast. Rebuilding cars often gets expensive and projects get put on hold for years.

In other instances, a damaged car from a crash or simply wanting to get rid of an abandoned car are also reasons why people decide to scrap car parts for money.

Which ever your circumstance is, selling your car parts for scrap is an easy process to learn however, it requires a series of steps that you have to follow.

When preparing a car to sell for scrap the first thing that you need to do is strip all accessories from the body.

This includes draining all of the fluids, and removing all wiring and accessories that are not metal.

Among the many things that you can remove for car scrap are things such as the aluminum trim, wheel rims, windshield wiper arms, alternator, starter motor and even the car’s antenna is worth money.

You will also need to strip the interior such as the seats, which can be sold to junk yards. Junk yards will also buy your stock radio so long as it is still in working condition.

The speakers in each of the doors can be disconnected, removed and sold as well. Many of the companies that buy scrap cars only want the frame of the car.

Some will buy the car as is but may require you to have the title of the car. All of the parts that you take off of the car can be sold separately. These include the wheels and engine.

Either you can sell them to a junk yard or you can sell all of the metal items to a local scrap yard.

crushed cars scrap yard
Anything that you remove from the body of the car needs to be done in a careful manner. All items that you plan to sell need to be properly stored.

The approximate value of the car parts that you want to sell needs to be determined. This will give you a good idea of the value when offering the parts for sale.

One way that you can do this is to look up the price for a similar part online.

You can also obtain prices from local junkyards to see how much they are asking for specific parts that you have.

One final tip, so that you do not get disappointed, please realize that you are selling used car parts that are not new, out of the box.

Therefore, unless the parts you are selling are from a luxury car or a highly collectable car, you will not get full price for the parts.

You will make some very decent money but a 10 year old alternator will typically only make you a quarter of its original price at a junk yard.

However deciding to scrap the alternator, which is filled with orange gold–copper–can bring you a bigger payday depending on current copper buying prices.

Thanks for reading these tips on how to scrap car parts. If you have additional questions about this topic, use the contact form to send me your questions or comments.