Where can I Find Scrap Metal to Sell

Places where you find scrap metalWhere can I Find Scrap Metal to Sell. As you have learned thus far there are many hidden locations as well as locations that you pass up everyday where you can find all types of scrap metal.

I recently received an email from a gentlemen by the name of Carl that asked, where can I find scrap metal to sell.

I responded to his message and also referred him to this site for a detailed explanation.

Within the email that I sent, I shared a few new locations that I haven’t mentioned here yet so today, you’re in luck if you are reading.

So where can I find scrap metal to sell anyway? How many of the following locations that you are able to find will depend on the area where you live. The first one is golf courses.

You may be wondering why but just like you see angry golfers breaking their club in the movies, it happens in real life, more than you think.

Some of the golfers throw the broken clubs in the garbage but many throw them into wooded or high grassy areas on the course.

In case you did not know, golf clubs are made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper nickel alloy or beryllium copper, one of the most expensive forms of copper available.

Family fun centers that offer batting cages or miniature golf are also a good source of scrap metal as well.

The aluminum bats are damaged or dented often beyond repair.

The owners of these businesses throw away the aluminum and any damaged putters they find very often, especially during their busy season.

Training or workout facilities that have free weights are a good source for cast iron scrap.

The weight plates that you put onto the bar are the majority of the time made of cast iron, which is not that strong of a metal.

This is why you see that the weights during the Olympics are coated in rubber.

This is done because the lifters drop the weights and without the coating to cushion the weights, they break in half from being dropped.

Regardless to the signs telling people not to drop the weights, they still do and these facilities dispose of the cast iron scrap by placing it into their dumpsters out back.

All three of the locations mentioned can provide you with high quality, clean scrap metal that you can sell.

As I normally do, I would recommend that you make a list of the locations and contact each of them to setup pickup arrangements for their scrap metal.

You could very well go dumpster diving but an arrangement guarantees your money and creates less hassle for everyone.

It saves time and gas money by calling the business to see if they are ready for a scrap metal pickup.

Additionally, you should always seek permission to enter private property even if you only intend to rummage through the dumpster for scrap metal. Stay say out there and always remember to do the right thing because it helps us all.