Can you scrap a Boat

scrap metal boat value
Yes, you can scrap a boat but there are some common sense things that you should know before you attempt to scrap your boat.

It does not matter if the boat still floats or if it sinks as soon as it is placed on the water, you need some proof of ownership.

Just like cars and trucks, boats require the owner to have a license and registration as well.

With that said, scrap boats are worth a lot especially aluminum bodied boats.

Fiberglass boats are also worth money but most scrap yards prefer that you only bring in the metal parts and pieces from these types of boats.

There just isn’t enough space at scrap yards to store piles of useless fiberglass.

aluminum boat scrapJust like old cars, many boat owners attempt to sale their boats on their own or through some listings service in an attempt to make as much money as possible.

This fails for many people because they are expecting too much money. I am telling you this because scrap yards do not pay for sentimental value.

The now scrap boat is only looked at as a pile of metal that has come to the scrap yard for processing.

Many boats have parts on them that are made of brass and titanium. Be sure to separate these metal types from the rest of the boat scrap if they are found within the boat. Both are highly valuable scrap metals.