SMSC 2 – Nearby Scrap Yards

Nearby scrap yardsKnowing where nearby scrap yards are is more important than attempting to find any type of scrap metal. One thing as a scrapper that you find out quickly is that your truck can only hold some much scrap.

You also discover that you need to know where nearby scrap yards are because it definitely cost you more money to drive back to the scrap yard near your home.

Within this article, I want to share an easy way for you to find nearby scrap yards as well as provide some additional direction on ways for you to become more knowledgeable about the scrap metal business.

Scrap Metal Buyers – The internet and the local phone book can help you pin point the locations of scrap metal buyers in your area.

Search for metal recyclers that are within a 10 mile radius of your home. This way there is always a recycler near the area where you are picking up scrap metal.

A lot of the times you will have a full load within a few hours of picking up scrap metal.

To save time so that you can make more money, you should always know of a scrap metal buyer near by.

I should have included this in the list of tools but once you locate a scrap metal facility once it is not that difficult to remember how to get to the location again.

Educate – Don’t be afraid to read and do a little research about the scrap metal industry. Steel, copper, aluminum and other types of metals are used in everything in one form or the other. From screws, manhole covers, even your cell phone would not work without metal or steel.

If you are interested in reading a physical book, Amazon has a handful of books that have to do with learning about the scrap metal business. These books will also help you learn at your own pace.

You may also want to learn a little about the commodity stock market. Enough to know the current prices of scrap metal.

This tip can make you more money because you could opt to only sell your scrap metal on days when the price of various scrap metal is higher than usual.

There are also magazines that you could check out like Metal World, which covers a range of scrap metal related topics.

The more that you know, the more that you can grow your scrap metal business.

Tips: Always double check with the city or state where you live to see if your scrap metal business requires any special licensing.

Depending on whom you get it from and the type of scrap metal you collect, this may be required.

If you want to see the commodity market current prices for scrap metal, visit the link in the menu above.

I provide the prices for the most popular scrap metals as well as a few other metals that you should be on the look out for while out scrapping. Be sure to read the directions on the page.