Can you scrap Drum Cymbals

brass cymbal scrap metalYes, you can scrap drum cymbals. However, before rushing off to your local scrap yard with the damaged cymbals you need to determine what type of metal they are made of.

There are cymbals that are made of brass. There are also cymbals that look like they are brass but are really a mixture of copper, tin and silver.

Unfortunately most manufacturers do not specify the amount of each of these metals that goes into making a cymbal therefore they are treated as a mixed metal in most cases.

Brass scrap cymbals on the other hand are weighed and bought at the current scrap brass price. There are cheap, beginner cymbals but these instruments are often very expensive.

Machines aide in the beginning stages of cymbal creation but the majority of the crafting is done by hand. What just sounds like loud noise to some is actually finely tuned sound to others. Sound experts to ensure each cymbals sound quality test all cymbals that manufacturers create individually.

Finding old cymbals within neighborhood garbage cans won’t happen often at all. These instruments are made to be able to take a beating so a good pair of them could last 10 years or more.

scrap old cymbalsScrap brass prices hover around two bucks a pound so you will likely receive six to seven dollars for an 18 to 20 inch cymbal. College, high school and middle school band directors, if you happen to know any, are a good source for brass cymbal scrap.

You should also browse classified ad sites for used cymbals. Be careful of what you pay because the idea is still to make some profit from selling them as scrap.

Additionally, you should only look for local sources that are within driving distance to avoid paying for shipping cost. Look within the classifieds for cymbals that the seller considers to be in bad shape and they are just looking to get rid of them.

Since you will be just selling them as scrap metal, bent or rusted items are still considerable.