Can you scrap Ductwork

scrap old heating ducts
Yes, you can scrap ductwork from your heating and cooling system. One of the common misconceptions that first time scrap metal recyclers have concerning ductwork is that it is made of aluminum.

Specific applications such as the ductwork that ventilates your bathroom fan often specify the use of aluminum duct.

Ductwork bends and angles that seem impossible to create using common methods often employ the use of flexible insulated aluminum ductwork.

This type of ductwork looks similar to what is connected to the back of the dryer in your home but it has insulation covering it to help prevent heat and cool air loss from your air conditioning within your home.

The ductwork that you will most commonly find in homes and businesses is made of galvanized steel. If you plan to remove and replace the ductwork throughout your home rather than throwing the scrap ductwork into the garbage, take it all to your local scrap yard.

scrap home heating ductworkDepending on where you live, it may be illegal or against city regulations to dispose of scrap metal like ductwork in ordinary household waste.

Many cities require you to purchase a permit that has to be attached to this kind of waste item. The city in turn sends out special garbage trucks to haul away this type of household waste rather than sending it to the same pile where food goes to decompose.

You should wear cut resistant gloves when handling galvanized steel ductwork. When ductwork is cut using a saw or even a pair of tin snips, the smooth edge on it becomes razor sharp.

Therefore, instead of reaching into a bin or container that you have that has ductwork in it that has been cut, be sure that you have gloves on.

Masking tape or duct tape can be used as well to cover jagged edges on any scrap ductwork that you have that has been cut.