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Owning a scrap metal recycling pick up business is not just about waiting for people to do the work for you as you read in the first part of this article. I spoke briefly about direct mail marketing but the information below gives you a clearer understanding of how you can use the advertising technique to benefit your scrap metal recycling pick up business.

I used to just throw the sales papers away that came to my mailbox at home until I realized that the billion dollar companies that are sending me this stuff aren’t doing so just to annoy me.

These companies use direct mail marketing because it is a way for customers to become familiar with their businesses and the services that they offer.

Direct mail can come in a few different forms. The first is as an individual piece of mail, similar to the post cards that you receive in the mail when it is time for your next dentist appointment.

If you have the extra money to be able to send out individual pieces of advertisement to people’s home then do so but you can save time and money by choosing one of the other routes below.

The second form of direct mail marketing is the bundle of sales ads or the thin magazine styled coupon book that comes to your mailbox a couple of times a week.

This method saves you money by including your advertisement in a group with other businesses that may have limited advertising budgets.

This method works like a charm but there is a secret to making sure that your advertisement gets noticed.

Your advertisement must stand out and I don’t mean by offering a better deal than the competing scrap yard or recycler.

The top 2 things that I consider most important when using direct mail marketing are the color of the paper and the border on the paper.

Simply put, a bright yellow piece of paper with text on it that says, Scrap Metal Recycling Pick Up, sticks out, automatically commanding the attention.

If you had a big pile of sales papers before you, the advertisement with the polka dot border around it would also beg for attention.

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The third form of direct mail marketing that I use that is extremely affective is door flyering.

Some cities have guidelines on this but they all regardless want it done in a responsible way if you do elect to pass out fliers at people’s homes. No Soliciting means don’t knock or drop anything off if I don’t know you.

Leaving your fliers at houses with signs asking you not to will surely prompt a few calls from city officials.

This method is the most potent in my opinion because it gets the phone ringing before the fliers are even completely passed out.

There are direct mail companies that will pass out your fliers door to door or you could put together your own team.

Get together 20 friends or neighborhood kids. Since there is 2 sides to every street within neighborhoods, with 20 friends you will be able to pass out fliers on 10 streets at a time. Print 2000 of your fliers and give all 20 people 100 fliers each.

If you start passing out the fliers at 9 am everyone should be done by noon or 1 pm at the latest.

You may end up being responsible for buying dinner that night but the major accomplishment is introducing your scrap metal recycling pick up business to 2000 new and potential longtime customers.

Take pride in the hard work that you do by planning beyond tomorrow. You should not have to worry about what to do when your business is struggling if you plan accordingly.

Always remember that you and your business are 2 separate things that both need money to operate.