Can you scrap Aluminum Foil

aluminum foil scrap value per pound
Yes, you can scrap aluminum foil. We toss aluminum foil into the garbage nearly everyday.

Did you know that the foil in your pantry was once a 16,000 pound slab of pure aluminum at one time?

Special machines are used over and over again to flatten out the aluminum until it is thin enough to be called foil. Finding aluminum foil to scrap can be tricky and messy.

Unlike most things made of aluminum, foil can be simply balled up and thrown into the trash bag with other rubbish.

I do not think that you should start tearing open your neighbors garbage bags looking for foil.

find aluminum foil scrapSomeone will leave a huge mess and then we will all get blamed. Instead, ask your friends and neighbors to save their used aluminum foil for you.

Supply them with a sealable container and either pick up the container when it gets full or once a month.

The most important thing that you must do is pick up the container on time, when your customer calls you to tell you that it is full.

If you are late or say that you can not come to pick up the container of scrap foil in a reasonable amount of time, you run the risk of losing your customer.

After all, the foil is garbage to your customer. They are doing you a favor by saving it for you. Your scrap customers do not work for you.