How Old Do You Have to Be to Sell Scrap Metal

scrap metal age minimum
Just how old do you have to be to sell scrap metal? Here is what you truly need to know before visiting your local scrap yard, as opposed to supplying you with some general age minimum.

How old do you have to be to sell scrap metal?

Despite the fact that we are situated in the US, thousands of scrappers from across the world visit our website every day. As a result, we have learned that there are differences in the minimum ages needed to sell scrap metal around the world.

Outside of the US, Scrap Age

Outside of the US, some countries require a minimum age of 15 to scrap metal and that’s a short list. However, the majority of other countries do not have an age restriction. Whoever can deliver their scrap metal to the yard in the quickest way possible typically wins.

Many of the restrictions on what can be scrapped are the same as those in the US, despite the fact that many of these countries do not have age requirements for scrappers.

The American Scrap Metal Age

The minimum age to sell scrap metal in several areas of the United States is merely 16. Though, the age range may be between 18 and 21 years old, depending on where you live.

It hasn’t been that long since scrap metal yards started requesting photo identification in order to sell your scrap metal to them. Some states within the US may require you to also have a scrap permit or scrap license.

Due to a recent spike in metal theft by a number of criminals who have since been apprehended and prosecuted, identification has become increasingly sought after. I hope these individuals take this as a lesson that they won’t soon repeat.

A Speedy Decision

Give the local scrap yards and brokers you want to visit a courtesy call to inquire about the minimum age requirement for scrapping metal.

Call the scrap yard and find out the minimum age requirement for disposing of an old refrigerator or dryer for example. This information is frequently displayed on the websites of scrap metal yards, but it is better to give them a quick call as the information may have changed, and their site has not yet updated.

What Happens If I’m Under 18?

Never allow your age to stop you from learning about and making a difference in the scrap metal industry. Join forces with someone like a family member who is old enough to sell scrap metal if you want to find the simplest solution to this minor problem.

Many children work part-time jobs over the summer to make some extra money for themselves doing things such as cleaning out their neighbors’ garages. This can result in them getting to keep a few used bikes and different metal vintage home furnishings.

With the assistance of an adult, these old bikes and metal goods can be brought into the scrap yard so that you can earn some extra cash for your efforts.