How to Dispose of a Metal Bathtub

scrap old bath tub
How to dispose of a metal bathtub that you don’t want. The second most frequently renovated interior room in a house is the bathroom. Because they want to replace it or just want a shower in their bathroom, homeowners looking to start over frequently want to know how to dispose of a metal bathtub.

The Outdated Metal Bathtub

Old metal bathtubs are difficult to transport and quite heavy. You will undoubtedly require assistance if you wish to dispose of your old bathtub. While the majority of antique bathtubs are made of cast iron, others are made of metals like steel.

In the home, cast iron is used for a variety of items besides bathtubs. The grates over your stove’s burners and cast iron pots and skillets are a few of the most popular household goods.

Pound for Pound of Scrap Cast Iron

Because you won’t get much money for it, many individuals would advise you against even trying to bring the old metal bathtub to the scrap yard.

No, you won’t get paid thousands of dollars for the old bathtub, but depending on how much it weighs and the price of scrap metal right now, you might be happy with the extra cash you can get for it.

Iron is traded on the commodities market together with several other metals. Similar to the stock market, however here you buy shares of metals like iron, copper, and steel rather than stock in a corporation.

Removal of Bathtub

Cast iron bathtubs are pretty heavy, as I mentioned before, so you should have access to a pickup truck for transportation in addition to needing some help transporting it. In order to prevent the old metal bathtub from shifting excessively while being transported to the scrap yard, you’ll surely want to securely strap or tie it down.

Free pickup of unwanted scrap metal items is offered by some scrap yards. Drivers will not enter your property to remove the old bathtub for insurance considerations; this service frequently only covers curbside pickup.

A junk removal agency could be your next best alternative if you can’t get the bathtub out of the house. The interior and exterior removal of unwanted household goods, including old metal bathtubs, is a specialty of junk removal services. A fast online search will help you locate the closest junk removal service.

Arrival at The Scrap Yard

Once you arrive with the old bathtub at your local scrap yard an employee will direct you to a huge scale. The tub will be weighed and processed, in turn the scrap yard will provide you with money based on the old tub’s value in scrap iron.

Homeowners and renovators often confuse retail price, what the tub was purchased for from a retail store, with scrap metal prices. Scrap yards are concerned with what type of metal the old bathtub is made out of only. That $300.00 that you spent on that tub rather it was 30 years ago, 30 days ago or 3 days ago to a scrap yard, the tub is only worth its weight in scrap iron.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to check on what the price of scrap iron is before heading off to the scrap yard. Scrap prices aren’t the same everyday because major market announcements can drive prices for iron higher.